Imvu Hack Cheats - Enjoy Unlimited Credits

IMVU is not just a simulation role playing game, but it is a Metaverse in itself, as it allows the players to live their dream life. In IMVU, you can create your 3D virtual avatar and explore the vast world that the game has to offer. Other than discovering the endless environment, you can also make friends, chat with them, play games, organize or attend parties, and much more. If you are excited to play IMVU then have a look at these vital aspects of the game.

IMVU Currencies:


Similar to the real world, the IMVU also works on currency, which acts as a medium of exchange. Credits are the main game currency that can be earned in the form of daily rewards or can be acquired by watching promotional videos and inviting friends. You can also earn some amount of Credits by completing certain offers or filling up surveys.

Credits can be spent on purchasing different clothing, furniture, pets, etc. from the catalogue. However, if you want to live an ideal life in IMVU, then you will need lots of Credits. Sadly, Credits cannot be earned in huge amounts by using the above methods. Another option available in the game is to purchase them by spending real cash. If that option is not feasible to you then you can happily make use of IMVU Hack, which is an amazing tool that allows users to instantly generate the desired amount of Credits.

Promo Credits:

Promo Credits or PCredits are the secondary game currency, which can be used for purchasing certain clothing, furniture, and other accessories. You can earn them by spinning a wheel or completing certain achievements. However, with IMVU Cheats, you don’t have to spend time in earning Promo Credits as you can generate them instantly within a few seconds.

Developer Token:

They are the special gaming currency, which are awarded to those who design and contribute new furniture, clothing, etc. to the game catalogue. When other players purchase these accessories, the creators are rewarded with Developer Tokens, which in turn can be used to purchase special items in the game. However, IMVU Cheats will give you an opportunity to generate unlimited amount of Developer Tokens instantly.

Why Has The IMVU Game Attracted Over 6 Million Gamers?

Huge Catalogue:

The game has the largest catalogue of virtual goods as there are more than 30 million items for the players to select. These items are bifurcated into different groups i.e. clothing, furniture, house, pets, etc. The huge collection of items in the catalogue will provide you a chance to customize your playable character and your home.

Dream Story:

You can actually live like the way you have always dreamt, as the game has lots of things to offer. For instance; you can build your home in the tallest buildings or choose to live in a beautiful island. You can organize parties and invite your friends or attend the parties organized by others. 

For players who play IMVU, the possibilities are endless. So, download the game now and join the innumerable gamers on their epic journey in IMVU.